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Revealed – Three Site Promotion Strategies You Can Use Today

Creating a website is only the first step. Once a website is up and running, traffic is essential to bring the business to life. Without visitors, a website will languish, without earning any profits. Below are three sure fire site promotion strategies you can use to attract visitors in droves:

Discussion Groups

Apply the oldest principle of marketing to your business and go where the people are. Your ideal audience is already gathered in communities on the Web. All you have to do is find them! By participating in discussion groups, chat rooms, forums, and message boards where potential customers are already holding conversations, you can begin developing the critical relationships needed to turn visitors into customers.

Press Release Marketing

Press release marketing helps websites spread the word about their business without spending a fortune on advertising. Press releases are free – although you may choose to pay a distribution service such as PRWeb to send out the release for you. A press release distribution service (there are free ones) will submit your release to major news wires such as Google News, as well as deliver the story directly to thousands of editors’ and reporters’ inboxes. The inbound links created by the press release also aid in search engine optimization.


Are you the most knowledgeable expert in your field? Prove it by sharing your expertise in a blog. Blogging is a great way to establish your reputation as a leader in your market, brand your product or service, and expose yourself to a new audience. You can also comment on other blogs in your niche market, just be sure to include your URL in your comments so that readers can find you.

Online Home Based Business – Why You Should Build One!

Many people dream of building one, but how many actually do? Maybe the questions should be; how many actually build a successful one? A successful one, that thought actually has many facets to it. This article is being written to help anyone to be able to build a successful online home based business. Building a successful home business is a journey not a destination. We would like to lead you on that journey.There are a few reasons why you should build an online business. For you, the reasons may be different than ours. Whatever yours are, you need to firmly establish them for yourself. Because those reasons are going to be the foundation for your home based business. We will give you some of the reasons that we built our online business and maybe you can use our reasons as a guideline for yours.Freedom: We simply wanted the freedom to live our lives on our schedule. When you work for someone else you are on their schedule. Your pay is whatever they decide to give you. You can only take a vacation when they allow you to. More often than not, your hard work is improving their lives more than your own. We simply wanted to be free from that.Residual Income; We knew working a job was never going to allow us residual income. When you work your pay period and get paid, that’s it. You will never be paid for that pay period again. Residual income is money coming to you over and over again for work you did a long time ago. It’s like royalties coming to a recording artist or author. You can build this type of residual income by building a successful online home based business. This allows you to have true freedom in your life.The ability to help others: There is more than one facet to this point. Let’s look at the first and most obvious point. Most people would like to give to charitable causes, but they don’t. Why? Because they don’t make enough to adequately support themselves. You can’t give bread away if you have no bread to give. You can make a lot of money with an internet business, and that’s the whole point. Building your own online home based business also allows you to be positioned with others who have a heart to give too. It allows you to be a part of a group of people who join together to give large sums of money to worthy causes.Most people never find that kind of group to be a part of. If you are reading this article, you just found one such group. Many people join traditional MLM’s because they would like to build a network of people in an organization. But they find it hard to find people who are looking for an opportunity. You can only help people who are willing to be helped. By building an online internet business you will find that people come to you. The people that come to you are truly looking for an opportunity, and those are the ones you can help. You will find that you are not limited by other people’s participation for your success. By being involved in the right online business you don’t need other people’s involvement for your success. If they want to be involved, great! If they don’t, that’s OK too!Finding the right One: Most people search and search for a good home business and never find one. You can do as we did and search through them all too. Or if you are reading this article, save yourself the headache and just check us out. Truly; we are here to help you. Its cost’s you nothing to look. Put us to the test. We are here to help. Search through our site, there are more articles to help you with building your own online home based business.

Home Based Business Ideas – Online or Offline? What Home Based Business Idea Can You Think of?

Home Based Business Ideas, there are so many to choose from. You have ideas of what you would like to do in business but are not sure where to start or if it is the right thing to do. Here is a brief look of what you could start doing today.Starting with offline home based business ideas, a lawn service is great to go with. All you need is a truck and a push mower or a riding lawn mower along with a weed eater. A lot of elderly people can’t mow their lawns or even disabled people will need help. Some people just do not have time anymore or just do not like mowing period.It is easy to place an ad for your services free on Craigslist, bulletin boards at the grocery stores, laundry mats, and restaurants for your home based business idea. Get cheap business cards made up from Vista Print.You can use your car to get started until you can get a truck or even use your van if you have one to start your home based business idea. Just be very reasonable about your prices you would charge on the amount of time it would take you to mow and trim the weeds. You can also offer a clean up service with your home based business to give you additional money for your business. Maybe trash needs to be dumped or cleaning up brush from the property.If you would rather try something online, learn how to do surveys or paid emails for a home based business idea. A lot of people do surveys for a living full time. There is plenty to sign up for. Just do not do ones that charge you or are full of trial offers or ads. The true ones will have you fill out your information and things you like to do including the brands.Your information is never sold but is used for the company to invite you to participate in the survey about a new product or service. In this home based business, you will get an email and just go do a survey and see if you qualify. If you qualify, then you will have money pending in your account.Each survey company has minimums when to cash out. In this home based business idea, you can also earn points for gift cards you could use for Christmas gifts or receiving personal items you can earn. Another great thing about surveys is if you get invited to an online participation or focus group. There is big money if you qualify for one of those!Along with surveys in this business from home add paid email as an easy way for money. It is much slower, but if you take a few companies and cash out only once a year, you would be amazed of how fast something can add up!Now, it is time to use these home based business ideas and go make yourself some money you can plug into another wealth system and grow to become infinitely wealthy.